Watch It, Share It, Sing It, Join It: The Battle of Whitehall Continues….. #SaveILF

Watch and share this great song and video about the ILF campaign by Rockin Paddy

If the video player doesn’t appear on this page, you can view the video on youtube – here: The Battle of Whitehall Continues…..#SaveTheILF

Commentary on the Youtube page by Rockin Paddy

This is the story of the campaign to Save the Independent Living Fund, a fund which supports disabled people to live independent lives.

The video includes people I love, admire, work with, play with & I am friends with. It also includes people who I don’t know but who have joined the battle through the postcard campaign to change the governments decision to Save The ILF (or at least its principles). We won our High Court Case in November, taking on a big government by proving to be right, they were not listening or taking into consideration the impact of their decision which would have a negative impact on our lives. The government have gone against that judgement and so we must fight on with a new strength.

Historically we have not been the loudest of protesters, or great in number. We have protested and been successful and proud but hopefully this video suggests we are growing & getting louder, we are not going to give up and stay passive or quite.

We definitely need allies and supporters, as together we are strong and as proved we are right in fighting a just cause which is not at the detriment to any other human being. This issue is about us all.

We can win again for a fair, inclusive society in which disabled & non disabled people can learn, play, work and live together with dignity & equality…….A bit idealistic, I agree, but we do have to be passionate & rise for what we believe.

I/we? have smelt/felt these freedoms in small life experiences to know that they can exist work and be a reality.

This video has images used in the facebook “save The ILF Postcard Campaign” which can be found here, my thanks to Brian Hilton:…

So that’s one thing you could do, get the postcard via the facebook campaign page, take a piccy, post it on fb/send the card to your MP (if you are outside the UK your picture becomes just as important as it represents, support & solidarity).

The postcard is just one aspect of the battle. There is a legal battle, there are demos to join in the future debates and much more. The biggest thing we can all do is to share this message so the voice gets louder & becomes heard and ultimately acted upon…so as widely as you can share, tell, tweet, like it, poke it, knock it on. Even to one person (or more) who doesn’t know, but might be interested!

The video includes “the Battle of Whitehall” video and takes us upto June 2014.

I guess its good to let everyone know we fight on and it is very much a case of “to be continued…..”

Enjoy the video.


Credits (also in film) DAN Action, Keith Armstrong, London, 1995

Threepenny Opera UK Tour, 2014
SaveTheILF Demo Caxton House, London, 2014
ILF Postcard Campaign many & growing, now!
The Battle of Whitehall Recorded in 2000
by The Big Red Bambino Band
Film Produced by



DPAC Official Anti-Atos Song: Condem Love

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