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 "We're Vocal and We're Loud, We're Disabled and We're Proud"

We will be posting messages of support that we receive on this page as they come in.

Please send my support to DPAC –   Whilst unable to be there in person I am there n spirit and have chanted for your strength.   Please tweet and send this email our.   Simone Aspis XXXX


To all at Westminster Abbey fighting back for the ILF and against the vicious Tory assault on disabled people you have my respect and my solidarity. Unite and fight to win!

Mark Dunk,
Unite the Resistance steering group
& Unite member


If you would like to send a message of support you can either email us at

or add a comment to the end of this page [moderated].


  1. Your doing a great job, it’s about time more people started to stand up and join in the fight, to stop the sick and disabled being repeatedly kicked by this god awful government.

  2. DAPC, your protest is right and just and I admire your fortitude against the hardship caused by Austerity and by the protest itself. All those who are fighting against government cuts have my admiration, support and solidarity. I hope so much that you win this fight, The ILF is vitally important to those in need and a cause worth fighting for.

  3. well done on protest so far. Hope you can keep on camping there as long as you want and get publicity for your cause. This government is despicable in its treatment of disabled people with PIP, cutting the ILF , making ESA so hard to get. Look forward to your victory

  4. So very sorry I could not make it to be with you there on 28th June. Case in point; no receipt of ILF -not enough hours of assistance either in my case, as with many others. let’s be Crystal clear: Britain set up our now sadly threatened NHS in 1948, when it was BROKE. Now, Britain is a rich country, with appalling treatment of disabled people on the part of this ConDem government. Reasoning for these cuts DOES NOT STACK UP but the cuts SURELY ARE PUNITIVE…All power & support to Independent Living, our movement, allies & the aids we use in life – crutches, scooters wheelchairs…& elbows! in solidarity – SAVE THE ILF!!

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