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Beautiful democracy…

How did you reach the peak of your lowness?

Flying too high?


How far did you want to get?

Then you were nothing more than a stale formula, plastic and artificial.

You, beautiful democracy,

always playing to choose between daddy and mommy.

This familiar theatre of Capulet’s and Montague’s,

a prime time farce directed by government and opposition.

What did your wrapping hide but ignorance, cynicism and corruption?

Beautiful democracy,

you used to be a symbol of squares,

now you could only be seen under the guise of an entertainment drug…

…and the anaesthetic of department stores:

the sham of free choice.

How could you get that low?

An alibi for the Empire and its money.

You, beautiful democracy, a plastic bag ready to carry fear and impotence.

In one handle, law`s lie;

in the other, marketing and police.

When did this Stockholm syndrome start?

How did you manage to kidnap our desires and dreams?

Beautiful democracy,

you sick old whore,

dressed up like a vain youth, rotten with cosmetics…

Who will attend your burial…

…when all your merchants and pimps are dead?

Maybe those who were your parents?

No, not even them.

Because you, beautiful democracy,

were born a bastard, from illegitimate parents…

…and an orphan without a people.

Now you can die alone in peace.

Giving up faith in you will be our deliverance…

…and also our mourning.

Rest in peace.

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