Inclusive Education


ALLFIE: Alliance for Inclusive Education

A national campaigning and information-sharing network led by disabled people.  We campaign for all disabled learners to have the right to access and be supported in mainstream education. ALLFIE believes that education should support the development of physical, vocational and academic abilities through mixed-ability tuition in mainstream schools so that all students have the opportunity to build relationships with one another.  We believe that a fully inclusive education system will benefit everyone. – See more at:

ALLFIE’s Excellent How was School website

How Was School website. Here you will find audio and video excerpts from over 50 interviews of disabled people talking about their experience of education, recorded by 10 disabled volunteers between 2011 and 2013. The full audio interviews are now housed at the British Library National Sound Archive and can be found here.

Please note: This website is a ‘work in progress’, we are adding and updating files continually, so please do keep visiting – and bear with us if you come across an excerpt that doesn’t yet have an audio file attached to it, it will do soon! Similarly, resources are being updated and added to all the time.

About the Project

The ‘How Was School?’ project looks at Disabled People’s experiences of education over the last 100 years through the telling and recording of personal memories and histories of school. This truly unique collection designed and delivered by disabled people has produced an oral history resource that will serve as an archive in the public interest but will also be a practical tool for schools, colleges and other education providers to bring to life debates on citizenship, equality and diversity.

In uncovering an invisible and vital part of our society’s history, this project captures the changing educational experience of disabled people over the last century with the aim of creating a timeline of change between the old fashioned and paternalistic view of disabled children and young people as ‘ineducable’ to a more inclusive and empowering approach where disabled children and young people are valued and welcomed into their local school and communities.

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