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Today Disabled People will be launching their “Reclaiming Our Futures” manifesto including a demand for a fully resourced inclusive education system and an end of segregation. The launch will be followed by a mass lobby of parliament.

The Alliance for Inclusive Education (ALLFIE) will be at the Department for Education from 1.00 pm on Wednesday 4th September reporting to Michael Gove and the Coalition Government on their failure to support our demand for inclusive education.

Since 2010 the Coalition Government have consistently failed to deliver on their commitment to provide choice of mainstream education provision for disabled learners despite their  international obligation under the UNCPD Article 24 to build the capacity of mainstream providers to become more inclusive of disabled children and young people

The Government’s failure to provide disabled learners with a right to participate in mainstream education and to provide the necessary resources and assistance that mainstream education providers need to make inclusion a genuine choice is a national disgrace.”  Says an ALLFIE spokesperson    

The SEN provisions in the Children and Families Bill will  mean that children and young people with SEN will no longer have a right to attend a mainstream school – the Bill is due to be debated in the House of Lords during October.

ALLFIE is the only disabled person led organisation working on the Children & Families and after being denied a meeting with Lord Nash to discuss out concerns, ALLFIE and the Disabled Peoples Movement are taking our inclusive education demands to him at the Department for Education.

Editors notes

Press contacts Tara Flood (CEO) 02077376030/07932750667 and Simone Aspis 0207 737 6030/07795 142 108

Alliance for Inclusive Education website

Children and Families Bill

Photo Opportunity: Michael Gove receiving his education report card outside the Department for Education.


Aug 292013

Scope charity says they care about disabled peoples’ rights to access universal services close to their homes as part of their high profile ‘Britain Cares’/ ‘I Care’ campaign.

At the same time Scope is fundraising and asking the state to continue funding their institutionalised and segregated residential and educational services for disabled people.   

Throughout history special residential educational and care institutions have claimed to provide the education and care that disabled people need.  

We are here to dispel the myth of segregated ‘care’ and education services that are provided without our consent.  

do not:

·        Support disabled people’s choice and control over their lives.

·        promote disabled peoples inclusion in their local communities  

·        Support disabled people’s aspirations in education, training and employment.  

·        Support positive relationships between disabled and non-disabled people.  

·        Challenge the unacceptability of disability-related bullying and hate crime.

Scope is one of range of big business disability charities that are funded by the state to provide segregated education and care services at the expense of providing funding for independent living and inclusive education- things that are wanted by disabled people, their organisations and allies to provide proper independent living.

SCOPE supports the full implementation of the UN Convention of Persons with Disabilities that includes disabled peoples’ rights to inclusive education (Article 24) and Independent Living (Article 19).    

If SCOPE truly believes in disabled peoples’ human rights to be included in their local communities then they must stop the patronising caring campaign and be prepared to make fundamental changes to their paternalistic services.   


We dare SCOPE to close their special schools and colleges.

We dare SCOPE to develop alternative services that will support disabled peoples access to mainstream education.

We dare SCOPE to support ALLFIE’s Inclusive Education manifesto demands. 

We dare SCOPE to close residential institutions and develop real independent living alternatives for disabled people

We dare SCOPE to stop all segregated services such as day care to enact the full inclusion of disabled people

We dare SCOPE to stop claiming that they work ‘with’ disabled people while they continue to gain service contracts from local authorities when there are active user-led disabled organisations in that area.

It’s not only Scope but all the other disability big charities who claim to support disabled peoples human rights that must be challenged and be prepared to dare to do what disabled people want: a right to be supported, to be educated, and to live in their local communities, free from the possibility of state sanctioned institutionalisation.    

Please join DPAC’s Reclaiming Our Futures campaign….. We Launch the ‘I Dare’ Campaign against Segregation and the Removal of our Rights online campaign on the 3rd Sept

disabled extremist i dare

With thanks to Ania for pic

‘I Dare’ Day 3rd Sept

This is not just about SCOPE but all those other big disability charities Leonard  Cheshire, MENCAP, MIND you name them- they all do it-they all claim to speak in our name. Add to this, this Government and we ‘dare’ to campaign against it all.

Sept 3rd is DPAC ‘s ‘I Dare’ day, a day of online action on twitter and Facebook , with a few surprises too.

We want to see people tweeting and spreading the word across social media against all those that try to take our rights away – that segregate us, that say they speak for us-we want to show them that we dare to fight back.

Flood twitter and Facebook with ‘I dare’ messages –here’s some we made earlier…..

I dare campaign


#I dare: speak up and campaign for independent living and to save ILF

#I dare: speak out about the lost of support for disabled people

#I dare: speak out on the increasing suicides and premature deaths from Atos assessments

#I dare: speak out on the increasing number of disabled people left without food because of cuts

#I dare: to tell the truth about what is happening in this country to disabled people under this Government

#I dare: to say that its not ‘care’ disabled people want, but the right to make our own choices

#I dare: to say I want rights not charity

#Britain dares #I dare #We dare

Inclusive Education NOT segregated Education for Disabled children and young people

#I dare to experience mainstream education!

# I dare the Govt to implement the education related recommendations in the EHRC Hate Crime reports – what are they afraid of!

#I dare the government to give disabled people choice of mainstream provision – what have they got to lose other than a few quid invested in segregated ed!

And why not send an ‘I dare’ Picture to SCOPE to let them know what you think show them #Britain Dares, better send us a copy too at:






Aug 262013

As part of our week of DPAC’s Reclaiming our Futures action

We’re asking you to ‘Caption it!’ see below for 4 pics if you have a caption then send to:

with Caption it in the subject line and the number of the pic you want to caption-we’ll publish the best after the week of action

1.three pigs


2.IDS duck


3.220px-Esther_Louise_McVey_2010 and obama on phone

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