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After a lovely warm summer colder weather is on the way. As the weather gets colder we know many people’s thoughts will turn to their energy bills and to thinking about ways to stay warm over the winter. But we don’t have to struggle alone!

Fuel Poverty Action are ready with events and workshops and have resources that will support you or group to keep warm, fight the Big Six and to demand a energy system that works for all of us.

Invite us along to your meeting -we can speak about fuel poverty, just listen to you or we can do:

‘Energy Rights’ workshops. Think you’re getting ripped off? Being pushed onto an unwanted prepayment meter? Got debt you can’t pay? Not sure what your landlords are allowed to do regarding energy bills? Want to learn what your rights are when dealing with energy companies and what you’re entitled to?Invite us to put on our energy rights workshop- learn how to get the most, and pay the least, out of the current energy system and get together to think about ways we can help to protect each other from the brutality of the energy companies. We can do it in an hour, or less or more, and it can slot into your usual meeting or we can put on a special workshop. Interested? Email: and/or a…
‘Keep Warm Cafe’ Want to find out ways to save money on your bills, how to insulate your home very cheaply or avoid a prepayment meter? Just want to chat about what’s wrong with the energy system over a cup of tea in a warm space? Invite us to the venue you use, give us a slot in your meeting or we can put on a special ‘Keep Warm Cafe’ at a time convenient to you. We can talk about ways to keep warm, ways to fight off the energy companies and we can discuss ideas about what we want to do about the unfair energy system. We’ll bring biscuits!  Interested? Email:
Come to the launch of our Energy Bill of Rights at the House of Commons on 27th October, 5pm! The government tells us that the energy system is broken and the best we can hope for is a few pounds off our rip-off bills but we think there needs to be an energy revolution where we all have access to affordable, sustainable energy that isn’t supplied by aggressive money-hungry companies. We’ve put together an Energy Bill of Rights that we hope will encourage all of us to stand up to the energy companies, from energy bill debt to the Big Six profiteers destroying our climate. We’re launching it at the House of Commons and we want you to be there. Interested?Email:
Please share our facebook event:
Sign up to and endorse our Energy Bill of Rights! We need individuals, groups and organisations to tell us why they think the Energy Bill of Rights is needed. Send us a couple of sentences about why you think the Bill is needed and why it’s relevant to you and your group. Email us: 
And check out our free online guide ‘In trouble with your energy company? A mini-guide to your rights’ , please print and share!

We’ll be printing copies in the coming month so if you would like a few (or more!) please do let us know!

We declared our Energy Bill of Rights in May 2014. Last winter 10,000 people died from fuel poverty whilst energy companies made billions of pounds off of expensive and dirty energy.
We want groups to sign up to and endorse these rights! Get in touch if you want to.

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