Nov 102011

We will challenge Government attacks and demand action to build the homes we need – see leaflet and pass it on!

The Localism Bill, which MPs are now voting through, introduces fixed term tenancies, and powers to reduce succession rights, end homeless access to council housing and remove thousands from housing waiting lists.

Come to Parliament 4pm 15th Nov

bring banners and placards. Arrange to see your MPs to put the case for council housing. We will have a meeting 5pm Committee Room 15 House of Commons, with MPs, councillors, trade unions, tenants and others.

Council consultation on Landlord (Tenancy) policies

Lobby Councils to reject permissive powers, stop fixed term tenancies, up to 80% market rents, and cuts in access to council housing. Organise speakers, meetings and lobbies for a joint tenant, union and councillors’ campaign for investment in the council housing we need – see council resolution.

Get in touch to confirm you can come, if you want more details or to help


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